Thanks for dropping by legends. We guess you’d like to learn a little more about Odyssey Craft Brewing Co?

We love beer

We make beer. But not only that - we make the damned finest beer in this galaxy. We've never tasted beer from another galaxy ... but ours is probably better than that, too!

We drink beer

We drink beer. All kinds of beer. But most of all we love enjoying the brews of our labour. We also like others drinking our beer, because that's the kind of guys we are...

We sell beer

We stock our Odyssey Tavern with our universally loved beer. We stock other venues with our brews, too. Refuelling humans is what we love doing most!

We talk about beer

We talk about our beer. Actually, we talk about our beer A LOT. It's our passion. Like some people like bikes, or cars, or gardening...

Our Beers

Calypso Pale Ale

ABV 5%

#60 Hottest Aussie Craft Beers 2016
WINNER! Peoples Choice – Best Beer 2014 GABF Geelong

This sublime new world pale ale. Straight from the Odyssey mothership.
Offers a journey through the taste continuum. Full of pungent hops, offering citrus & passionfruit bursts and a magnitude of malt

Available in Keg & Stubby (Case of 16)

Beach Ale

ABV 4.7%

#86 Hottest Aussie Craft Beers 2016
WINNER! Peoples Choice – Best Beer 2016 GABF Geelong

A summer ale that is out of this world! Dust the sand off your feet, kick back and let this creation hit you like a clean, crisp full-bodied wave. Mandarin, tangerine & lemon-lime flavours & a hint of bitterness will send your taste buds cruising to a new dimension.

Available in Keg & Stubby (Case of 16)

Polyphemus Red Ale

ABV 5.2%

Two worlds collide – an Extra Special Bitter(ESB) and a Red Ale morph into our ESR.
Using all Australian hops our ESR offers moderate citric aromas with a subtle apricot & melon tease.
A strong malt backbone with balanced bitterness through-out offers the best of both worlds!

Available in Keg & Stubby (Case of 16)

Coffee Stout

ABV 4.4%


American style stout with ebb and flow. Infused with a solid coffee jolt, balanced by a combo of dark malts & hops, extracting subtle chocolate & molasses notes. A touch of vanilla bean sneaks around from the dark side of the moon. The end result – a smooth sessionable stout!

Available in Keg & Stubby (Case of 16)

Apocalypso Double IPA

ABV 8.5%

WINNER! Peoples Choice – Best Beer 2017 GABF Geelong

The end is nigh… so crack another Odyssey Apocalypso Double IPA. Blending ale and caramel malts with a balanced bitterness & abundance of American & Australian hops. Buckle up as you’re about to be thrust into an apocalyptic odyssey of hop sensations.

Available in Keg & Stubby (Case of 16)

Jersey Caramel Porter

ABV 5%

Our porter, inspired by misspent childhood pocket money on jersey caramels is bursting with vanilla & caramel asteroids and a subtle hint of milkiness & oats. It finishes like a long smooth comet destined for space with a trail of bitter sweetness!

Available in Keg

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We are represented by Paramount Liquor. If you are hunting down the Odyssey for your venue please feel free to get in touch.

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